We’re All On The Same Blip | Theme Park Time Machine

We’re All On The Same Blip | Theme Park Time Machine

To us, the idea of humans travelling into space is kind of just…business as usual. If you’re listening to this, chances are pretty good that men and women have been venturing into space your whole life. In the Mid 1950s, though, this was strictly the realm of science fiction.

Uncle Walt used to come into our homes each week and lead families into one of three realms. For this episode of Theme Park Time Machine, the destination is tomorrow, and into the vast reaches of our solar system. What is Disney’s real-life connection to outer space?


Man In Space
Disney Wiki (Rocket to the Moon)
Walt Disney Family Museum (Walt & Space Exploration)
(Image: D23)

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Theme Park Time Machine is researched, written and narrated by Adam Vargyas. Production and Sound Design by Jack Milliken. The executive producer for No Midnight Media is Christopher “Kory” Beale. 


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