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Host/Executive Producer

KoryHSIG: @koryontheradio
Twitter: @KoryOnTheRadio
Facebook: itsKory

“I live in San Francisco, CA with my boyfriend and two pups Meg & Chester. I grew up in Orlando (where my love of theme parks began) and work as a reporter with KQED Public Radio.

I started our little podcast in February of 2017, and we’re still here!”

You can email Kory at kory@nomidnightpodcast.com


Host/Writer/Co-Executive Producer

AdamMouseketeerIG: @TheBassoProfundo

“I grew up in Southern California, less than an hour’s drive from Disneyland. I fell in love with Disney, particularly 90s animation masterpieces like Beauty & the Beast and The Lion King, as well as witnessing the birth of the Disney-Pixar relationship.

At my core, though, I am a history buff. I hold a BA in History from the California State University system, so I am fascinated with the way that Walt Disney shaped American culture in the 20th century…and beyond! (as Buzz Lightyear would say)

You will find I have an opinion about most everything! I work for the fantastic Sacramento museum community.

I live in the Pocket-Greenhaven neighborhood with my wife and two cats. We love baseball, movies, travel, theater, and all things outdoors.”


Host/Star Wars Expert/Merch Design

AlbieIG: @wolffin_about

Albie is a huge Star Wars fan, a Slytherin, and a member of the 501st Legion California Garrison! Also, he likes turtles, long walks on Jakku, and hates basic fruits.

The rest of Albie’s bio is coming eventually, until then we will just keep adding to it.




IG: @_thejackattack

I started going to Disney at age 6, and have been producing content since age 12.
I just moved to San Diego for college, so you know I’ll be checking in from Disneyland soon!

My favorite attraction… a tossup between Haunted Mansion and Pirates because of the crazy rich history. I want to be an Imagineer after college and then I’ll just work my way up and become Bob Iger. 🙂


Disneyland Beat Reporter/Instagrammer

DanteHeadshotIG: @Dante_Mac

Reporting from sunny Southern California! I’ve visited a Disney park at least once a year since 3 years old, and have been a Disneyland Annual Passholder for about 10 years. I’m an 80’s baby, so the Eisner Era played a huge part of my childhood. I grew up wanting to be an Imagineer, but ended up creating magic onstage as a performer.

I’ve visited Walt Disney World numerous times, visited Tokyo Disneyland Resort, but the original park will always be my favorite. I hope to visit the rest of the Magic Kingdoms in the near future!

I also own The Flying Nanny Co on Etsy, use code NOMIDNIGHT for 10% off!


East Coast Ghost Host/Webmaster

IG: @theradranger

Sean was raised on a steady diet of computers, neon, synth music, and BMX. By day, he’s a software developer at Mouse Trap Studios, by night he’s an aspiring cartoon villain. His schemes mostly include finding ways to turn his passion for theme parks into a career.

Catch Sean hosting our east coast shows every other week on Theme Park Pulse!




17155529_10158238088675368_522253610019675890_nIG: @prince_philly

Philly was a full-time part of the No Midnight Podcast from February 2017 to May 2018, when he stepped down to focus on his career and responsibilities. He still fills in from time to time when we need him, so you haven’t heard the last of Philly!

“I grew up in California’s Central Valley in Manteca, CA. I work for a legal filing firm in downtown Sacramento. I only went to Disneyland a few times as a kid, and was afraid to ride most things…okay…everything, including Pirates of the Carribbean…which is a boat ride. Yo Ho. Ugh. When I met Kory he helped me break my fear of roller coasters (read: he MADE me go on California Screamin’) and I have been in love with the parks ever since!”

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