Theme Park Time Machine

Liberating Minnie Mouse: The Yippie Invasion | Theme Park Time Machine

50 years ago, Disneyland shut down because of the threat of counter-culture rabble rousers.

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We’re All On The Same Blip | Theme Park Time Machine

What is Disney’s real-life connection to outer space?

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Heads Of Heads Of State | Theme Park Time Machine

Adam dives into the history of Presidents Park, an inspirational (but ill-fated) Virginia outdoor museum with giant busts of every US President!

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A Million Twinkling Lights (Date Nights at Disneyland)

Walt Disney’s business plan for Disneyland left out a crucial demographic. Their plan to capitalize on the young singles market…Date Nights at Disneyland!

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More Blaine Gibson

Adam looks deeper at the man behind the sculptor Blaine Gibson, and explores the personality of The Man of 42 Faces on this Theme Park Time Machine Bonus!

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The Man Of 42 Faces

Learn more about the man who brought history to life to celebrate Walt Disney’s love of Americana! Adam introduces you to Disney Legend Blaine Gibson on Theme Park Time Machine from Theme Park Pulse!

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