Theme Park Pulse

Rona-Coaster Of Love | Theme Park Pulse The Game

‘The Parks Pop Culture Pop Quiz’ and Nick tells us what life is like with COVID-19 in his house! Plus, ‘Show Me The Lie’ and ‘Mike, Bob or Bob?’

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Ask Us Anything | Season 5 Finale

This week we’re answering YOUR questions on Theme Park Pulse! 

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Iger & Chapek: A Tale of Two Bobs

Unless you’ve been on an lenten internet fast, you saw the explosive news this week that Bob Iger has stepped down as Disney’s CEO effective immediately. His replacement, though not a surprise, has many Disney fans concerned for the future of this beloved brand. We’ll look through some of the theories on the timing, and…

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A Million Twinkling Lights (Date Nights at Disneyland)

Walt Disney’s business plan for Disneyland left out a crucial demographic. Their plan to capitalize on the young singles market…Date Nights at Disneyland!

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