UnpackedKey_1019From the executive producer of Theme Park Pulse, California radio personality and podcaster Christopher “Kory” Beale and his friends reflect real-life and fantasy through storytelling!

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The boy ghosts of Oxford

On this episode of Unpacked, the true story of a trip to London, and Oxford. When Amanda finds herself spending the night in a centuries old house, she alone has an encounter with the spirit world that was way too close for comfort.

(Release date: 10/28/19)

Unpacked presents: Bret, Mickey & Walt

Episode One: Fantasmic Fantasies

A young Bret Iwan (Mickey Mouse) plays Fantasmic in the backyard with his kid brother and discovers a unique talent. 

“Hey, that kind of sounds like him.” – Bret Iwan

Always a creative, Bret would grow up to be a successful artist until a random email would change his entire future, and that of the most iconic cartoon character of all time.

Episode Two: Fillin’ In For The Boss

When a death rocks Disney Character Voices, Bret Iwan goes from potential understudy, to Mickey Mouse, almost overnight.

Why does Mickey sound different sometime?!

Bret remembers Russi Taylor and finally opens up about Mickey #5.

Episode Three: Living Breathing Dragons

Bret Iwan spends a decade establishing himself as the voice of Mickey Mouse! But, finds himself in a creative rut, when an old hobby from his childhood sparks creativity and dreams of the future!

We follow Bret & Cory into Disneyland for the premiere of Fantasmic 2.0 and visit Bret’s home on the finale of Bret, Mickey & Walt.

To see photos of Bret’s house, follow his design business on Instagram, @BungalowModern. You can follow Bret at @Bret_Iwan, and follow Kory at @KoryOnTheRadio!

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