Kory & Adam’s popular narrative podcast Unpacked takes a deeper look at the influential people, places and things that affect us everyday! Season one was all about theme parks, and season two will continue that tradition…but who knows what the future holds!?

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December 2018:


SACRAMENTO, CA: No Midnight Media (formerly No Midnight Podcast) is making several adjustments heading into their 3rd year of producing podcasts! The first change, announced today will see the group’s flagship narrative podcast ‘Unpacked’ move to a standalone channel!

Executive Producer/Host Kory says, “The No Midnight Podcast channel saw 400% growth in 2018, and the Unpacked format was a huge part of that! Starting with Walt – A No Midnight Serial, and continuing with our mini-series Disney Decade (in collaboration with Network 1901), The Boy Who Lived, and Things Disney Wishes You Would Forget – this format makes up an increasingly large percentage of our downloads. We, as a team, felt that Unpacked needed room to grow and that’s what this move will do!”

Host/Writer/Historian Adam Vargyas says, “Having our own dedicated channel gives us the freedom and flexibility to tell all kinds of stories from all kinds of people, celebrities, our fans, and everyone in between. I think our catalog proves that our storytelling skills are top-notch, and I’m excited to keep flexing our creative muscles in new and engaging ways.”

While the current No Midnight Podcast Channel will undergo some changes (TBA) of its own in the coming weeks, Kory reiterates that the entire No Midnight Media team will be involved in this new venture. Producer Albie Madrigal said of his role with the new production “I had so much fun working on The Boy Who Lived, and am really excited to take that experience and contribute to Unpacked!” We didn’t forget about Jack Milliken…he will work as a producer and contributor on the new series and adds, “I’m excited to find powerful, meaningful stories to tell!”

Kory continues, “This will really be a team effort, and while Unpacked will continue in the parks sphere at first, I am really excited to have a chance to tell some real human stories moving forward. The sky is the limit with this format!”

You can binge season one on the new Unpacked channel starting today, and look for the first batch of new episodes on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify starting January 7, 2019!


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INQUIRIES: Email Kory at kory@nomidnightpodcast.com or head to NoMidnightMedia.comABOUT NO MIDNIGHT MEDIA: No Midnight Media (Formerly No Midnight Podcast Channel) was founded by veteran radio personality Kory in February of 2017. Since then the team has expanded to add producers, co-hosts and contributors from diverse backgrounds producing ‘Unpacked’ and ‘Theme Park Pulse’ from our home base in Sacramento, CA. Our hope is to expand our network in the coming years!